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Bomaker Polaris 4K Laser TV is an ultra-short throw laser projector featured with 4K native resolution, adopting the Tri-Color Laser Technology which delivers stunning imagery and an immersive viewing experience highlighted by 2500 ANSI lumens, 193% NTSC color gamut and ultra low noise. Every scene springs to life with finer details, more realistic colors, and deeper black levels.

【True 4K Resolution】

TI’s 0.47″ DMD chip, HDR10, and MEMC, Crystal Processor 4K your home theater to 4K resolution with less motion blur, but more visual details.See More Shadow Details Even in Dark Environment.Adopted the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR 10) display technology, Polaris is able to clear distinction whites and black levels.

【RGB Tri-color Laser】

Three Channel Laser Technology delivers the widest color gamut up to 151% DCI-P3, ensures the purest color expression, and eliminates the color issues caused by color-wheel and laser phosphor.

【0.25:1 Ultra Short Throw】

RICOH wide angle lens makes you can cast a 100″ image from only 10.3″ away from the wall. Space-saving design(52*33.1*15.2cm) saves you from the tv cabinet.Polaris 4K laser TV can be positioned at the front of a room like a TV and still project a display up to 100″ at a ultra short distance of 28 inch to the display surface, or 100″ at just 10 inch away with no shadows. This lets you enjoy a bigger image in a smaller space without changing your room layout. No need to deal with difficult wiring or obstructions.

【Dolby with 25dB】

Built in DTS and Dolby Digital technologies, you’re fully immersed in 3-dimensional audio. Sophisticated air ducts design ensures quiet operation below 25dB, power consumption lowers to 175W, longer life up to 30,000 Hours.Hear the Whole Picture with Dolby Combined built-in Hi-Fi quality speakers and Dolby DTS technologies, you’re fully immersed in 3-dimensional audio that sends sound around and above you with pinpoint precision. Whether a jet zooms overhead or a torrential. downpour erupts, the true-to-life sound makes you feel like you’re inside the action.

【2500 ANSI Lumens】

Image quality to move you, made possible by the extreme ness and 15000:1 contrast ratio.Scenes appear vivid, while dark scenes remained detailed with deeper black levels.This is definitely your quality outdoor cinema.

For the ultimate viewing experience in ambient lighting conditions, an ALR screen designed for ultra short throw projectors is recommended.
True 4K Projector Resolution
RGB Tri-color Laser
0.25:1 Ultra Short Throw
Dolby Digital & DTS
Laser projector 2500 ANSI lumens


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