Harvest Right | Home Freeze Dryer Small With Oil-Free Vacuum Pump and Mylar Starter Kit


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A home freeze dryer from Harvest Right allows you to preserve the food your family loves to eat. Freeze drying locks in both flavor and nutrition and can last for years, making freeze-dried food even better than fresh! A home freeze dryer is perfect for any lifestyle.


A freeze dryer allows you to keep your home-grown fruits and vegetables fresh for years. Freeze drying at home is the very best way to preserve your garden harvest. It truly is the gardener’s best friend.

Emergency Preparedness

Freeze-dried food is perfect for emergency food supplies, bug out bags, 72-hour kits, and other survival packs. With a home freeze dryer, you will be prepared for any kind of emergency.


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer lets you freeze dry your own food at home to be used on your next hike, backpacking adventure, hunting trip, or camp out. It is lightweight, has less salt, and tastes better than anything else that will fit in your backpack.

Healthy Living

Buying freeze-dried food from a store is expensive. The food is full of salt and other preservatives and the limited choice means you buy meals you may not even enjoy eating. Freeze drying your own meals and produce is a great way to save when building your emergency food supply.

Pet Food

Everyone, even your pet, benefits from having a freeze dryer. You can easily feed your pets the healthy, preservative-free, home-prepared food they deserve and crave.

Freeze dry 840 pounds of fresh food per year (4-7 pounds per batch).
In a year’s time, you can freeze dry 195 gallons of food.

Overall product dimensions: 16.5″ W x 18.5″ D x 25″ H
3 trays (7.75″ W x 14″ L x 0.75″ H)

61 lbs.
There is also a detachable vacuum pump that sits outside the freeze dryer.
Oil-Free Pump: 42 lbs

110 volt outlet.

Vacuum Pump
Each vacuum pump has been factory tested to guarantee 25 microns (25,400 Microns = 1 Inch of Hg) or better, and listed CFM performance.

Vacuum Pump (LP) Technical Specifications

Voltage: Standard 115V, 60 Hz, 220V 50/60Hz
Plug: US 110V, US 220V, Euro 220V
Intake Port: 3/4” JIC flare
Dimensions: 8.5”h x 6”w x 16”l
Weight: 18 lbs
Maintenance Free

3 year limited warranty.

Shipping Info
26″W x 36″D x 41″H.
139 lbs.

What’s included
Small Freeze Dryer
Oil-Free Vacuum Pump
Stainless Steel Trays (set of 3)
Guide to Freeze Drying
Mylar Bags (50 ct)
Oxygen Absorbers (50 ct)
Impulse Sealer


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