Jura D6 Automatic Coffeemaker and Espresso Machine Platinum


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JURA’s espresso machines deliver coffeehouse results right in your own kitchen. The D6 coffee maker optimizes extraction time with its signature Pulse Extraction Process. After grinding the beans to the ideal degree of fineness, the espresso machine delivers hot water through the grounds at short intervals, a process that allows the coffee flavors to develop fully. Programmable for water amount, coffee strength and brewing temperature, the machine also includes pre-programmed coffee specialties. Ergonomic dials and a straightforward display make operation incredibly simple. JURA brings sophistication, quality, versatility and ease of use to brewing coffee and espresso-based beverages at home.

Seven individually programmable options
Include cappuccino, two coffees, coffee, two espressos, espresso, milk foam, and hot water.

AromaG3 grinder
Ensures your coffee is optimally ground.

Plain text display
The rotary switch on the front of the machine makes operation incredibly simple even for inexperienced users.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology
Optimizes the extraction time to guarantee professional-quality, barista-style coffee.

Intelligent water system
Automatically detects the filter, while CLEARYL Smart ensures perfect water quality.

Removable water tank
Allows easy refilling.

Programmable amount of water
Lets you set your coffee size to your personal preference.

Easy cappuccino system
Prepares cappuccino in no time.

Fine foam technology
Enjoy milk foam with a fine, feather-light consistency.

Platinum finish
Creates a stylish appearance.


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