VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 360lbs/24H, Industrial Modular Stainless Steel Ice Machine


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360 LBS/24H Split-Type Commercial Ice Cube Maker
Composed of a heavy-duty stainless steel shell with a wire-drawing finish, Cyclopentane foaming layer, and food-grade PP liner, our split-type commercial ice maker is simple to clean and built to last. It can produce about 360 lbs (163.3 kg) ice cubes per 24 hours, and the storage capacity reaches 250 lbs (113.4 kg). All these make this professional ice machine perfect for your hospitality or food & beverage business. Additional water filter and pipes are also available, enabling the ice machine to be connected to the tap water faucet directly, saving your time and effort. Kindly Note: The head and ice storage cabinet of our split ice cube maker will be delivered separately and you will receive the two parts successively, so please patiently wait for a few days.

High Ice Yield & Large Storage
With the built-in 195-grid ice tray (13×15), this commercial ice machine can produce 360 lbs of ice cubes every 24 hours. And the ice storage also reaches 250 lbs. Fueled by the 800W compressor, each ice-making cycle takes about 15-20 minutes, which is enough to cope with the peak customer traffic.

Durable Exterior & Split Design
The exterior shell adopts stainless steel processed by wire-drawing treatment, featuring elegance, durability, and easy cleaning. The Cyclopentane foaming layer and the ABS cover can effectively isolate the external heat and slow down the melting of the ice cubes, while the split design can make room for more extensive ice storage. Tip: To keep the ice cubes from melting for a long time, please store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Adjustable Ice Cube Thickness
This commercial ice maker can produce crystal ice cubes in dimensions of 0.9×0.9×0.7 in (22x22x18.5 mm). The thickness of the ice depends on different ice-making periods. Thin ice cubes (6-9 min) are suitable for decorating & freezing seafood, medium ones (10-15 min) for smoothies, and thick ones (15-20 min) for chilling the beers.

Smart Control Panel
The control panel with an LCD screen integrates various functions. You can make the ice cubes thicker or thinner and achieve one-click cleaning simply by touching the screen. Other indicators are also integrated on the panel, such as full ice stop, auto ice fall, water shortage reminders, etc.


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