VEVOR Metal Lathe 8.3” x 29.5” 750W Brushless Motor Metal Gear Power Lathe


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Widely Used: Our metal lathe machine, measuring 8.3” x 29.5”, is perfect for processing precision parts and models. It has a wide range of turning pitches that can create 24 different kinds of threads, including 14 metric system (ranging from 0.3-3mm) and 10 imperial system (ranging from 10-44 TPI) threads.

Built to Last: Our power metal lathes are built to last with high-quality HT200 cast iron. They come equipped with wear-resistant and strong metal gears and aluminum alloy handwheels, ensuring a longer service life.
750W Brushless Motor: Our benchtop metal lathe features a 750W brushless motor that provides more power and avoids the need for brush replacements, saving time and effort.

Continuously Variable: Features a spindle that can turn in both forward and reverse directions, with two-speed options: a high gear of 100-2500 rpm and a low gear of 50-1250 rpm. It also has intelligent electric speed controls and a digital display, allowing for accurate speed adjustments and making your work easier.

Security Comes First: Our metal lathe machine has multiple security features in case of emergency, ensuring operator security. These include an emergency stop switch, overload protection, chuck cover power off switch, pulley set housing power off switch, and a main control panel security switch.



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